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Visual light Source
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• JRMED is a professional producer of concept medical apparatuses for ENT, established with patent by complementing weak points of existing products and developing creative products for doctors' convenient and elegant diagnosis & treatment. SUPER VISION is a safe product that passed efficiency, safety, EMI tests and obtained permission of KFDA. This apparatus is registered as a product of a patent on a new device. Visual Light Source is for supplying very bright light to endpoint of endoscope
• SV-150 has one channel of light and video signal by one optic cable including gun style endoscope connector.
• SV-250 has two alternative channels of separated light / video signal cables for flexible connection camera. It is very suitable system if any customer wants to upgrade to other higher level camera specially.

  SV-150 SV-250
Power Source AC 110, 220V/60Hz AC 110, 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 300W ± 10% 176W ± 10%
Dimension 376(W) x 353(D) x 215(H)mm 280(W) x 320(D) x 89(H)mm
Weight 19Kg 6Kg
Memory board 1,2,4 Capture (NTSC) 1,2,4 Capture (NTSC)
Halogen Lamp Power source DC 15V DC 24V
Power Consumption 150W ± 10% 250W ± 10%
Brightness 100,000 Lux 100,000 Lux
Cooling system Cooling by Air Fan Cooling by Air Fan
Adjust of Brightness Volume up or down Volume up or down
Expected life 50 hours 50 hours
Camera Power Source DC 12V DC 12V
CCD 1/3 inch interline Transfer 1/3 inch interline Transfer
Pixel 410,000 410,000
Speed 1/100 sec 1/100 sec

" Specification should be revised or updated without prior notice. Please check it with factory, too."

• Optional Camera may connect to the socket(AC220v/60Hz)by using the enclosed power cable with follow functions;

AGC : Raising the level of brightness.
WB: Control of white balance
AUTO : Control of white balance automatically It looks red in the system.
SET : Press WB SET button for 5sec. under the condition that a white object such as a white paper or cotton fills the screen fully on Endoscope or Microscope, and letters of “WB OK” appear on the screen and the object is chosen as the basic color.
MANU: apply a cross shaped driver(+)to ‘R’, ‘B’ representing Red and Blue respectively in the lower part and secure the desired color vision.

JR Med, revolutionary ideas to develop innovative medical devices | PRT-5, PRT-3, UNIQUE, JRC-5,SV-150
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